Sunday, 10 February 2013

...when first we practice...

Today we shall be examining the bizarre case of an individual who, it seems, would like to be considered a "high profile" something-or-other, despite being neither considerably influential nor successful in any of the spheres in which they attempt to involve themselves.

It has been remarked that this extraordinarily unpleasant individual may be suffering from some kind of personality disorder & o
ne might be forgiven for thinking that a person such as this one has unresolved mother issues, especially when we note they way they focus their bile, in particular, upon women & children. This may well be true, however the type of cods wallop regularly spouted by this particular individual leads me to believe that they're actually nothing more than a bit of a nobber.

There is nothing unusual of course about this, as nobbers abound across the Interwebb but I think it is sensible to consider whether these types need some kind of authority to oversee their behaviours, as they are merely adding to the stereotype of frequenters of the Web as irrepressible egoists, who cannot abide other human beings & do not get on particularly well with anybody other than their own invented, multiple internet personalities.

It is important to realise that the world is not short of irritable, middle aged, individuals who have nothing better to do with their time than express views which they consider should be worthy of note, despite being insufferable bores. It would be a fine thing if people like this poured their time & energy into something constructive, but alas, being utterly detached from both reality & humanity, most of the drivel they profusely spout tends to do more harm than good.

Therefore I believe that the question we need to ask ourselves is should we continue to ignore the childish behaviours of this particularly badly behaved individual, or is there more to this story than meets the eye & in fact this person is, in their own sloppy way, actually crying out for the "touchy-feely" attention which they so frequently try to denounce?

Thus, I have written today's post in the style & language of this individual (so please forgive it's emotional lacklustre & odd grammatical construction) in the hope that it will appeal to their overriding narcissistic side & allow them to know that, in spite of all their, at best, foolish & often deranged ruminations, I pity them... as, I believe, do many others.

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